Tormentor Radio Show

Tormentor Radio Show is about broadcasting and promoting qualitative music from unpopular genres.

Launched in April 2001 on the Parisian radio station Radio Libertaire, the show is broadcast live every two weeks on saturdays from 9pm to 11pm (GMT+1) to the Paris and its surrounding suburban area.

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Broadcast live on Saturday, 10 December 2022
Radio presenter(s)
Benjamin, Laurent, Ugo
K.Oz (Yb70, Ytterbium, Modulo)
Yb70 | Ytterbium | Modulo
# Artist Track Album Label
1 Francisco López Untitled # 163 [For Pierre Schaeffer] (Excerpt) (Soundtrack For Variable Fiction) Ytterbium
2 Atau Tanaka Intra-terrestrial (Soundtrack For Variable Fiction) Ytterbium
3 Elektroplasma Ex Nihilo Oblique Yb70
4 The Magus Fighting Shadows Concentrated Hell Yb70
5 Hazard Bronze (Soundtrack For Variable Fiction) Ytterbium
6 Unit Rick Wakeman Theme I Came Here To Tell You How It's Going To Begin Modulo
7 Hoïkam Massacre Mille Tourments Yb70
8 Elektroplasma Tunnel Oblique Yb70
9 Element Abuse Hepatitis Christ Unbirth Yb70
10 Katran Toward The Surface Décomposition Yb70
11 Hoïkam Sur Le Chemin De L​é​viathan Mille Tourments Yb70
12 Pita 78x32 (Soundtrack For Variable Fiction) Ytterbium
13 Somatic Responses Ognok Parazit Yb70
14 Elektroplasma Trigger Man L'Aube Des Chaos Yb70
15 Katran Le Son De La Décomposition Décomposition Yb70
16 Joker Cvande Piste 09 Demo 2001 N/R
17 The Magus Concussion Concentrated Hell Yb70
18 Subskan Fürt Parazit Yb70
19 Imminent Llok Parazit Yb70
20 Helmut Schäfer + Zbigniew Karkowski Fuer Veitstaenze Bisskraft Ytterbium


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