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Tormentor Radio Show is about broadcasting and promoting qualitative music from unpopular genres.

Launched in April 2001 on the Parisian radio station Radio Libertaire, the show is broadcast live every two weeks on saturdays from 9pm to 11pm (GMT+1) to the Paris and its surrounding suburban area.

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Broadcast live on Saturday, 07 April 2018
Radio presenter(s)
Benjamin, Ugo
Substencia (
Mix Session #001 : Substencia
# Artist Track Album Label
1 In Aeternam Vale Dave 2​,​3​,​7​,​8 Khemia Records
2 Tred No Future, No Past (Outro Mix) Intrinsic Field E-MISSIONS
3 Phase Fatale & Silent Servant Plastic Motion Confess BITE
4 Luster & Beta Evers Eternal (Ancient Methods Mild Pitch Mix) Eternal (Ancient Methods Remixes) Linda
5 FU-5 Asterope Through My Window Subsist Records
6 Orphx Cut Through Hunger Knows No Law Sonic Groove
7 Denise Rabe Return Of The Dash More Cuts On Loving - Part II Ressort Imprint
8 Ritzi Lee Above is Below 47 003 47
9 Substencia Untitled Unreleased N/A
10 Tommy Four Seven Track 5 Primate CLR
11 Edge Of Motion Broken Entity Edge Of Motion
12 Amotik Pachis Amotik 008 AMOTIK
13 Confluence Hummer & Sickle Isolation EP SUB tl
14 Rumenige Eka Herdersmat (Part 16-18) Mord
15 Mika Vainio Scale Kilo Blast First Petite
16 Katsunori Sawa Unpleasant Consequences Unwitch - The First Session Leyla Records
17 Vidrik Left Eye Left Eye EP Decoy
18 Lag Salajka All The Children Are Insane EP Mord
19 Sawf High Zone Ms Roxanne Kafta
20 Luis Flores New Flesh (Drumcell Mix) New Flesh EP Droid Recordings
21 Rebekah End Of Trauma My Heart Bleeds Black EP Mord
22 Confluence Isolation (B Edit) Isolation EP SUB tl
23 Hypnoskull Silence (Let Me Be Destroyed) Ffwd>Burnout! (Selected, Remastered, Remixed 1999 Files) Repitch Recordings
24 Sanja Kelevra Machine Exhilaration Trau-Ma
25 Rebekah Halo Effect My Heart Bleeds Black EP Mord
26 Subjected I Want You To Do Everything Selected Works II Arts Collective
27 Avgusto When The Going Gets Rough Forebears Of The Promised Sound #1 EP GRIND
28 Suburban Knight The Art Of Stalking (Ludovic's Favorite Mix) The Art Of Stalking (Deepside Remixes) Fnac Music Dance Division
29 Farceb Apocalisis Crimes Of Malmö Part 1 New Rhythmic
30 Uun One Occult Vision (Original Mix) One Occult Vision Edge Of Motion
31 Eric Fetcher Transition Connection Series Vol.4 Children Of Tomorrow
32 Oliver Rosemann Gumption Saturn Phases (Part 2) KR/LF Records
33 Insolate Ponos Proletarijat 005 Proletarijat
34 Gaunt Say What Don't Trip EP THEM
35 Born In Flamez The Coming Insurrection (Paula Temple Remix) Polymorphous Remixed UnReaL Audio
36 Synebot X-Press (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix) X-Press black. Records
37 UVB We're All Responsible The School Of Intolerance EP Mord
38 Symmetrical Behaviour Convolution Neural Network Deep Learning EP Soma Quality Recordings
39 Avgusto Whispers Of A Mysterious Old God Forebears Of The Promised Sound #1 EP GRIND
40 YPAUL DE QUARSE Die Ganze Welt Brennt Unreleased N/A
41 Exsiderurgica Xanthan Cosmetica Blattodea Records
42 LSD Process 1 Process Ostgut Ton
43 Cleric & Setaoc Mass Madame Butterfly Isolate Clergy
44 Alessandro Cortini Est Spie Make Noise Records
45 Franck Vigroux La Chair Barricades Eroto Tox Decodings
46 Aleksi Perälä GBLFT1740067 Paradox трип
47 Marie Davidson Inferno Adieux Au Dancefloor Cititrax
48 Möd3rn Zeroclock Trois LP Möd3rn Records
49 Second Spectre 273 Champ Libre - Vous Êtes Le Numéro X Constant Value Seoul
50 Restive Plaggona Would It Hurt To Die Bonded Labor Several Minor Promises
51 Snowbeasts Minight (RMX) RMX M-Tronic
52 Razgraad Pentalpha Cavities The Ideology Of Pessimism Yerevan Tapes


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