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Tormentor Radio Show is about broadcasting and promoting qualitative music from unpopular genres.

Launched in April 2001 on the Parisian radio station Radio Libertaire, the show is broadcast live every two weeks on saturdays from 9pm to 11pm (GMT+1) to the Paris and its surrounding suburban area.

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Broadcast live on Saturday, 15 October 2022
Radio presenter(s)
Benjamin, Laurent, Ugo
Mike Cadoo
Vague Lanes | M.Cadoo | n5md |Dryft | Bitcrush | Gridlock
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# Artist Track Album Label
1 Gridlock Frantic The Synthetic Form Pendragon Records
2 M. Cadoo Somewhere Hidden Between Us Density Aural Landscape Limited
3 Bitcrush And We Fade Shimmer And Fade En:peg Digital
4 Dryft Capsize Ctrl The Blur Vent n5MD
5 Vague Lanes Last Song (Trisomie 21 cover) N/A N/R
6 Gridlock Front Trace Unit Records
7 Gridlock Atomontage Formless Hymen Records
8 Gridlock Enzyme (Dryft Remix) Further Pendragon Records
9 Bitcrush On Infinite Dead Corners Ant-Zen
10 Bitcrush To Collapse Out Of Collapse n5MD
11 Dryft Ciade From Stasis n5MD
12 Dryft Avatar Cell Unit Records
13 Vague Lanes A Dying Star Cassette
14 Vague Lanes Here Now Cassette
15 Vague Lanes The Induction to Waves N/A N/R
16 M. Cadoo Searching / Pacing / Collecting The Disillusion of Recall
17 M. Cadoo Acrid Density Aural Landscape Limited
18 M. Cadoo Teres Major Phantom Strains This Is It Forever
19 M. Cadoo WK4 Alone, Together
20 M. Cadoo I Can No Longer Hide This The Disillusion of Recall
21 Ocoeur Contact Connections n5MD
22 Dryft Mytotyc Exyt (O2 Remix) The Mytotyc Exyt EP Component Records
23 Gridlock 36:6:115 36:6:115 Unit Records
24 Bitcrush The Decent Shipwrecked
25 M. Cadoo Of Narrowing Vision The Disillusion of Recall
26 Vague Lanes Nihilist Knot Twist Cassette


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