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Tormentor Radio Show is about broadcasting and promoting qualitative music from unpopular genres.

Launched in April 2001 on the Parisian radio station Radio Libertaire, the show is broadcast live every two weeks on saturdays from 9pm to 11pm (GMT+1) to the Paris and its surrounding suburban area.

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Broadcast live on Saturday, 04 June 2016
Radio presenter(s)
Ange, Benjamin, Ugo
# Artist Track Album Label
1 Filippo Scorcucchi 11°21'0''N 142°12'0''E Distant Lands Love Blast
2 Polar Inertia Major Axis The Last Vehicle EP Dement3d Records
3 Sore Throat Horrendous Cut-Throat System Unhindered By Talent Meantime Records
4 Incapacitants Necrosis (excerpt) As Loud As Possible Zabriskie Point
5 Terrorizer Dead Shall Rise World Downfall Earache
6 Incapacitants Necrosis (excerpt) As Loud As Possible Zabriskie Point
7 Atrocity Unseen Death Infected Metalcore
8 Napalm Death Divine Death Scum Earache
9 Incapacitants Necrosis (excerpt) As Loud As Possible Zabriskie Point
10 Deathnoise Big Man Fear Of God / Deathnoise Sound Ist Scheiße Records
11 Incapacitants Necrosis (excerpt) As Loud As Possible Zabriskie Point
12 Impetigo Unadulterated Brutality Ultimo Mondo Cannibale Wild Rags Records
13 Repulsion The Stench Of Burning Death Horrified Necrosis Records
14 Carcass Reek Of Putrefaction Symphonies Of Sickness Earache
15 Entombed Dusk Stranger Aeons Earache
16 MR TC This Is A Dance Hit Soundtrack For Strangers Optimo Music
17 Tessela With Patsy With Patsy / Swimming Poly Kicks
18 Randomer Dem Thing Kids Play L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical Systems)
19 NKC Hague Basement Hague Basement Her Records
20 Dense & Pika Bad Ink Update Hotflush Recordings
21 Adesse Versions In The Sticks That's What Friends Are For Numbers
22 Autechre 444 Incunabula Warp Records
23 C.H. District Conclusion Conclusion M-Tronic


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