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Tormentor Radio Show is about broadcasting and promoting qualitative music from unpopular genres.

Launched in April 2001 on the Parisian radio station Radio Libertaire, the show is broadcast live every two weeks on saturdays from 9pm to 11pm (GMT+1) to the Paris and its surrounding suburban area.

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Broadcast live on Saturday, 24 January 2009
Radio presenter(s)
# Artist Track Album Label
1 Black Lung Unconvincing Simulations Of Happiness Part II The Disinformation Plague Nova Zembla
2 Black Lung Batch Consignment The Depopulation Bomb Nova Zembla
3 Black Lung The Ersatz Citizen The Great Architect Nova Zembla
4 Black Lung Terse Note Termination Extraordinary Popular Delusions Nova Zembla
5 Black Lung Grandeur And Redemption The Grand Chessboard Ant-Zen
6 Black Lung Toward The Petro-Apocalypse The Coming Dark Age Ant-Zen
7 Rebotini 1314 Music Components Citizen Records
8 Lab Insect Lab Insect fresh mix (May 2008) (excerpt) - -
9 Ellen Allien Magma Thrills BPitch Control
10 Motor Bleep #1 Unhuman NovaMute
11 Extrawelt Trümmerfeld Schöne Neue Extrawelt Cocoon Recordings
12 Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft El Que Gold Und Liebe The Grey Area
13 Pneumatic Detach Minare Proven In Action First Aid Recordings
14 Pneumatic Detach Moment Of Comprehension [vis·cer·a] Hive Records
15 Pneumatic Detach Initial Reaction [pa·re·ses] | [cc:] Hive Records
16 Pneumatic Detach Embers [vis·cer·a] Hive Records
17 Pneumatic Detach Plastic Domination (Perfection Plastic Remix) [re·vis·cer·a] Hive Records
18 Pneumatic Detach Sona (Remix By O2) [vis·cer·a] Hive Records
19 Bitcrush Tides Epilogue In Waves n5MD
20 Mogwai The Sun Smells Too Loud The Hawk Is Howling Matador
21 Swans Celebrity Lifestyle The Great Annihilator Young God Records
22 Made Out Of Babies Invisible Ink The Ruiner The End Records


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