Tormentor Radio Show

Tormentor Radio Show is about broadcasting and promoting qualitative music from unpopular genres.

Launched in April 2001 on the Parisian radio station Radio Libertaire, the show is broadcast live every two weeks on saturdays from 9pm to 11pm (GMT+1) to the Paris and its surrounding suburban area.

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Broadcast live on Saturday, 20 December 2014
Radio presenter(s)
Ange, Benjamin
# Artist Track Album Label
1 OM Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead Pilgrimage Southern Lord
2 OM Meditation Is The Practice Of Death God Is Good Drag City
3 Earth From The Zodiacal Light Primitive And Deadly Southern Lord
4 Placebo Effect Slashed Open Slashed Open Ausfahrt
5 Swamp Terrorists Baron Blood Grim - Stroke - Disease Machinery Records
6 Calva Y Nada Nada Más El Peste Perverso Lleva Mi Peluca ZZO Recordings
7 Religious Vision Song Of Evil Emotions Gods Of The Eternal Silence S/R
8 Scapa Flow Servant Trans Europa (A Swiss - Swedish Techno-Compilation) 150 BPM Records
9 Lustmord Heresy part I Heresy Soleilmoon Recordings
10 S.E.T.I. Illusions Corona Power & Steel
11 Bad Sector Yst Transponder Infinite Fog Productions
12 Luciation Third Satanic Gate Of Baphomet Darkened Apocalyptic Occult Goat Ritual Posh Isolation
13 Archgoat Penetrator Of The Second Temple Heavenly Vulva (Christ's Last Rites) Debemur Morti Productions
14 Havohej Spilling Holy Blood Dethrone The Son Of God Candlelight Records
15 Deiphago Satan, Semen And Blood Filipino Antichrist Hells Headbangers
16 Rebaelliun Bringer Of War Annihilation Hammerheart Records
17 Abhorrence Obliteration Two Barbarians Agonia Records
18 Bruta Non Calculant I Cannot Sleep La Que Sabe Treue Um Treue
19 In Death It Ends Lost Episode After The Last Frame aufnahme + wiedergabe
20 Gesloten Cirkel Stakan Submit X Murder Capital
21 Sumerian Fleet Just Pressure Just Pressure Dark Entries
22 High-Functioning Flesh Self Management A Unity of Miseries - A Misery of Unities DKA Records


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